Thank you for the opportunity to present you with our services. Please consider all of the factors before making a decision regarding your real estate representation. We are confident that no other Real Estate Firm can offer you the level of real estate experience and representation that Cathie Marples & The Marples Team brings to you and your transaction.


Our marketing program is greater in scope, reach and size than any other agent in our marketplace and larger than most advertising by entire real estate offices. We reach over 650,000 prospective buyers every week! No Realtor in your marketplace offers their clients this scope and size of marketing program.


We are the only true real estate “Team” in your marketplace. We are the only real estate team with five full-time employees who oversee and address every aspect of your real estate transaction with five times the manpower and attention of a single agent with part-time help. We have a Client Care Manager who handles our phones, client correspondence and most inspection and scheduling issues. We have an Escrow Coordinator who handles the extensive paperwork involved in all real estate transactions. We have a Marketing Manager who oversees our unequalled marketing program and all of our weekly, monthly and specialized print media advertising.